What is Informed Consent?

            Most medical procedures involve a degree of risk for patients, for that reason it is important that doctors inform patients about the risks and potential side effects that can arise from a medical procedure. Informed consent in … [Read more...]

Common Malpractice Issues for Pediatricians

Diagnosis in pediatrics can be difficult when treating infants and young children who are unable to cooperate. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Pediatrics is one of the most high risk for claims in comparison to other medical specialties, as most parents are very protective of their … [Read more...]

Professional Liabilty Insurance for MediSpas

Medical Spas, or MediSpas, require unique insurance coverage because they are a part of both the medical and beauty industries. Due to their unique situation, MediSpas need both a Business Owners Policy and malpractice insurance coverage. A BOP is necessary to protect the company from liability from … [Read more...]

Why Doctors in Hawaii Should Take a Closer Look at MedPro

Who is MedPro?              For most doctors, facing a claim is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”. As such, medical malpractice insurance should be considered a commodity. MedPro is a leader in the medical malpractice insurance industry with over 200,000 doctors insured today. A … [Read more...]

The Doctors Company Adds Cyberguard

The Doctors Company, a leading medical malpractice insurance company, known for its low prices and creative coverage solutions, has announced a new coverage enhancement named CYBERGUARD. Cyberguard will be added to all existing medical malpractice insurance policies issued by The Doctors Company. … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Premiums Lower in 2008

Medical Liability Monitor, which conducts an annual survey, recently announced that physician's malpractice rates were lower 43% percent of the time. An additional 49.8% remained stable from 2007-2008. Merely 7.4% of the doctors surveyed reported any increase, and the overwhelming majority of … [Read more...]

Repeal Sought for NH Case Screening

An unusual law in New Hampshire, which has fired up passions on both sides since it was passed three years ago, is now under scrutiny, and at least one lawmaker is calling for its repeal. The idea may have meant well, and the statistics would seem to show it's working, but there are hidden aspects … [Read more...]

The “It’s God’s Will” Defense

Malpractice seems like it should have a fairly standard meaning, but apparently that meaning is different in Saudi Arabia.  Mohammad Al-Yami was a straight-A student in need of corrective surgery in 2005, if he was to be allowed into the King Khaled Military Academy. He had the procedure performed … [Read more...]

Can You Be Sued For Bad Bedside Manners?

This case is gaining a lot of attention and, surprisingly, many of the people who hear only part of the story are sympathetic to the doctor. Those people suggest that since the mother and child are well there is no real case, so they should be quiet and let it go. Some are saying that their pursuit … [Read more...]

Electronic Health Records & Comms

The talk of the healthcare industry these days is Electronic Health Records, (EHR, EPR, etc.) and other electronic communications (such as virtual visits, email communications with patients, online consults, whether with or without video, etc.)   Yes, the Internet and computers have much to offer, … [Read more...]