Malpractice Insurance for Podiatrists

Podiatric physicians love this new malpractice insurance program. In most cases you will save at least 15% off your current premiums. You will be covered by one of the top professional liability insurance carriers in the nation, Medical Protective. Whether you are a new podiatrist just starting out or have been practicing for many years, it is great to finally have options.

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Exclusive Benefits

It doesn’t seem possible to have an insurance policy cost less and provide better, more flexible coverage. But this policy does just that. In fact, podiatric physicians who join this Podiatric Medical Liability Insurance Program have a distinct advantage over other doctors. This program was designed specifically for Podiatrists and is updated annually. A special advisory board keeps the insurance carrier abreast of current issues impacting Podiatric physicians.

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Reward Yourself

Save money with a wide range of premium credits. Choose the policy that works for you and your practice. With an occurrence policy, you’ll have the flexibility to take a 6 month vacation without worrying about extended reporting endorsements (tail).

Learn about coverage available to compliment your lifestyle.

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