Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

Presidio Insurance has been at the forefront of providing cost effective insurance coverage solutions for Laser Tattoo Removal Clinics and other healthcare facilities that use a laser for cosmetic purposes. Presidio Insurance understands laser tattoo removal clinic insurance, the lasers, and other areas of risk your business will face. By working with a knowledgeable broker you will reduce the time and effort it takes you to find the insurance coverage you need.  We have programs and coverage options in all fifty states.

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Insurance Coverage Options for Laser Tattoo Removal Clinics

If you are thinking of opening a new Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic there are several important questions to ask before you start your insurance coverage search:

  1.  Who is allowed to perform laser tattoo removal in my state ?
  2.  Does my state require me to have a license to work with a laser ?
  3. Can I own the facility but not participate in day to day operations ?
  4. Do I need to have a physician as a medical director ?
  5. Is the medical director required to see patients or are they in a supervisory role only ?
  6. How will you handle patient records ?
  7. Do HIPPA laws apply to me ?
  8. Is my laser covered ? What if it breaks down and I lose out on revenue during this period ?

The answers to these questions and more will determine the eventual costs and type of insurance coverage you will need.

General Liability Insurance

At a minimum a business will typically need to have general liability insurance, this covers items such as (slips and falls, fire, theft, etc.) at the facility you own or lease. You will also want to inquire about coverage for the laser itself, typically this falls under business property coverage and can be coupled with your general liability policy.

Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Medical professional liability insurance to cover you for treatment or procedures that you perform with a laser. You can obtain a policy from one carrier that covers both general and professional liability or have policies from separate carriers. In some cases it makes sense to place your general liability and business property coverage with a carrier that specializes in general liability and your medical professional liability with a carrier who specializes in professional liability. Ask us why!!!

 General Resources for Laser Tattoo Removal Business Owners

Check with your state licensing board to see if you need a license and who can operate a laser. Below are a few state guidelines of who can operate a laser

  • California: Only Nurses/PA’s/NP’s/ and Physicians can fire a laser
  • Florida: Only Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners/Physicians can fire a laser
  • Illinois: A Physician or their delegate must conduct an assessment of the patient in person before a technician can perform any laser procedure
  • Ohio: Only Physicians can fire a laser

Astanza Laser has some great information for individuals considering a new laser tattoo removal business. Visit their site to find out more.