Community Health Clinics

Malpractice Insurance for Community Health Centers and Clinics

Presidio is one of very few brokers with in-depth malpractice coverage knowledge for Community Health Centers and Clinics. The Community Health Clinics Program (CHCP) is designed for Community Health Centers and Clinics (CHC) playing an important role in underserved communities, providing care for anyone regardless of their ability to pay. Presidio works in partnership with top-rated carriers like NORCAL Group to customize coverage that serves your unique needs.

Through CHCP, we offer a comprehensive program to cover the exposure to litigation inherent to providers of health care services.

Claims Service: Protecting your right to consent to settle any claim is an integral component of any malpractice insurance program. As well as providing uncapped defense costs to ensure that the quality of defense is never comprised by financial expediency.

Unlimited defense: All expenses incurred for claims defense are outside policy limits, preserving full coverage for potential indemnity payments.

Additionally, Risk management and online CME are available to provide CHCP holders access to around-the-clock consultation services, as well as on-site assessments and recommendations on how to reduce both clinical and administrative exposures.

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Malpractice for Community Health Centers and Clinics Coverage Highlights

  • Aggressive claims handling
  • Industry-leading risk management programs and services
  • Personal online accounts allowing health care professionals to register for and complete continuing medical educations (CME) courses
  • Administrative Defense Insurance
  • Information and Network Security Insurance
  • Optional Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) wrap coverage
  • Optional Health Care General Liability Insurance
  • Optional prior acts coverage for individual physicians


Optional FTCA Gap Coverage

For federally funded centers and clinics, the program offers optional FTCA gap coverage. Although these clinics are covered by the FTCA, federal regulators may reject claims, which puts clinics in potentially major liability risks.

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Information and Network Security Insurance

Information and Network Security Insurance Information and network security coverage is available to all CHCP policyholders, at no additional premium cost and with no deductible, which protects against a wide variety of potential costs related to information security. Information and Network Security Insurance covers your clinic for claims alleging unauthorized release of personal information; protection from material published on a website, in ads or other media; costs associated with the defense of HIPAA violations; expenses resulting from information breaches; and expenses for recovering lost electronic data caused by a computer virus, hacking or other breach.


How can Presidio help?

We understand the entirety of the exposures not picked up by the FTCA and the nuances between FTCA wrap products. FTCA Wrap products are usually facility-driven medical professional liability policies modified via endorsement to “wrap around” the coverage provided by the FTCA and pick up anything that might otherwise fall through the cracks. We are here to help you get the proper coverage so that nothing is left to chance.

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