Psychiatrists Malpractice Insurance

Presidio Insurance provides malpractice insurance coverage options for Psychiatrists in most every state. Our programs offer you great insurance coverage at the right price. If you are a member of American Psychiatric Association (APA) we have great new options for your professional medical liability insurance. Enjoy the benefits of great coverage at a great price.

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At Presidio our goal is to be your business insurance advisor and partner. We consider issues as risk management needs, premium financing, deductible or retention options, practice structure, availability of defense counsel, retirement goals, and long term stability versus short-term premium savings.

When you are looking for malpractice insurance coverage we will shop your coverage to the carriers we feel will offer you the lowest premiums for the coverage you want.

Psychiatrists are facing more and more claims every year. It is important for you to have the correct insurance carrier & coverage in place.

Coverage Highlights

  • Free tail coverage*
  • Cyber coverage included
  • Coverage for large & small groups
  • Coverage for individual psychiatrists
  • Options for psychiatrists with multiple claims

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* Free tail – requires the insured be with the same carrier for at least one year and depending on the carrier up to five years.