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What to do if your RRG Faces Liquidation!

As we’ve previously discussed, there is a very real distinction between Risk Retention Groups (RRG) vs. Traditional Insurance Companies. When considering coverage anywhere, it is emphatic that you consider more than just the cost of premium. Surely the immediate costs are important but there are other things like coverage considerations (more on coverage differences on […]

FTCA Wrap Coverage: The What, Why & How

Background The Johnson administration saw an unprecedented prevalence of poverty in the United States during the 1960’s. Coupled with the influence from the Civil Rights Movement, a spotlight had been placed on the struggles of the impoverished, and in his so-called “War on Poverty,” Johnson’s administration combatted inadequate access to medical treatment by bringing forth […]

Malpractice Insurance for OB GYN Hospitalists

Physician Resources Presidio Insurance understands the operational challenges of OB GYN Hospitalists and welcome an opportunity to support you. Preferred Pricing for OB GYN Hospitalists Custom Coverage to fit your needs Physician Advocacy – Is it right for you? Options & Coverage Costs >> Hospital Resources OB GYN Hospitalist programs invest in promoting quality and […]