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Common Malpractice Issues for Pediatricians

Diagnosis in pediatrics can be difficult when treating infants and young children who are unable to cooperate. Therefore, it is not a surprise that Pediatrics is one of the most high risk for claims in comparison to other medical specialties, as most parents are very protective of their children. Common Malpractice Issues The most common […]

6 Types of Medical Professionals That Should Consider Occurrence Coverage

Young Doctors Flexibility for changes that will affect their career Easy to change coverage in case of selling practice, moving out of state or joining a hospital No tail coverage necessary Recruiters More convenient for large groups that have changes in rosters Doctors who leave the group are covered for their time when they worked […]

Occurrence and Claims-Made Insurance Policies: What’s the Difference?

Claims-Made Claims-made coverage responds to claims based on when the claim is made against an insured. For example, if a claim is made in 2012, based on treatment rendered in 2010, the 2012 claims-made policy responds, as long as the incident occurred after the policy’s retroactive date. The policy’s retroactive date is the date after […]