Hospitalist Malpractice Insurance Coverage

Presidio Insurance understands the professional liability issues a Hospitalist faces on a day to day basis. Understanding the risk is the first step in assembling the correct malpractice coverage. Endorsed by the Society for Hospital Medicine, this program is designed exclusively for Hospitalists. Coverage options are tailored to meet your specific needs. Programs are available for small groups, large groups, hospitals, and hospitalist staffing companies. Our team will help your executive team design the right plan for your business needs.

Hospitalist Malpractice Coverage Package Includes

  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • Pure Consent to Settle Options
  • “A” Rated Carriers
  • Free Tail Coverage*
  • Multiple discounts/credits available
  • Financial rewards for Loyalty
  • Privacy, Medicare & Cyber breach protection

Enjoy the benefits of national carriers that provide more Hospitalists with malpractice insurance coverage than any other carrier in the nation with a special Hospitalist Advisory Board dedicated to resolving critical issues to help you avoid claims before they happen. Have one of our consultants contact you today.

Pure Consent to Settle

Assume you are responsible for managing a group or team of physicians. The group is counting on you to manage the malpractice insurance for the business. You bind coverage and later that year a claim arises. After some debate the carrier tells you they are settling the claim. You object since the incident was not your fault. Unfortunately your policy contained a consent to settle provision. The choice is not yours. You head off to tell your partners rates will be going up next year, costing the group thousands of dollars. Don’t give up your right to settle !!!

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