Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage Options for Podiatrists

Why You’ll Love This Program

Presidio Insurance provides you the coverage and resources you need to protect your Podiatry practice from costly lawsuits.  We have access to the top Medical Malpractice Insurance Programs for Podiatrists nationwide. Not only will you save money, your good reputation will be protected with a policy that provides you with pure consent to settle. You control when and how any claims are settled. The solutions we offer were designed exclusively for podiatry practices and the podiatric physician. Discover why more and more podiatrists are looking to Presidio for guidance and coverage options when looking for malpractice insurance. Your rates have been increasing year after year, stop the insanity and obtain better coverage and more favorable premiums today.

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Exclusive Benefits For Podiatrists

It doesn’t seem possible to have a medical malpractice insurance policy cost less and provide better, more flexible coverage. DPM Preferred in fact does just that. Poditrists who take the time to discover what this insurance coverage provides will discover they have a distinct advantage over other physicians who have lower quality coverage.

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Reward Yourself

Save money with a wide range of premium credits. Choose the policy that works for you and your practice. With an occurrence policy, you’ll have the flexibility to take a 6 month vacation without worrying about extended reporting endorsements (tail). An occurrence malpractice insurance policy may be the best option you have never heard of. Presidio Insurance will help you analyze the best options for your medical practice.  We are committed to the success of our clients.

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