Presidio Insurance provides medical professional liability insurance solutions (Med-Mal) for Cardiologists. We have programs for the single physician office or large cardiology groups.


Having adequate insurance  coverage is a vital part of your Cardiology practice. Unlike other types of insurance, Medical Malpractice Insurance policies vary greatly in the coverage they afford, and more importantly, the coverage they exclude. We know inadequate coverage can be disastrous for a Cardiologist.

Presidio is an independant insurance broker who works with you to evaluate the coverage options available from a variety of insurance carriers. If you are a cardiologist with zero or minimal claims history we have programs with A++ rated carriers, if you have had a few claims and have had trouble finding coverage in the standard market we have you covered. We have access to multiple A+ rated non standard carriers as well. Our client base is very diverse and we have helped hundreds of Cardiologists obtain malpractice insurance that suite their needs.

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 Five Benefits of Working with Presidio Insurance Solutions

  1. Product knowledge – we specialize in medical professional liability insurance for Cardiologists.
  2. Direct representation – we represent you and put your interests first.
  3. Excellent customer service – We always answer the phone.
  4. Access to multiple insurance carriers and products with a single point of contact.
  5. We are professional, ethical, and honest.

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An insurance broker is completely independent. Instead of being tied to one or a handful of insurance companies, we work with many different insurance companies. This means Presidio can offer Cardiologists a variety of coverage options and choices. We will thoroughly shop the market for you and the price we offer you is no different than the price you receive going directly to the carrier.

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