What is Informed Consent?

            Most medical procedures involve a degree of risk for patients, for that reason it is important that doctors inform patients about the risks and potential side effects that can arise from a medical procedure. Informed consent in … [Read more...]

How Should Pediatricians Handle Anti-Vax Parents?

               Misinformation Regarding Vaccines Misinformation regarding the science behind vaccines has spread like wildfire over the past few years, causing many parents to question if they should have their children vaccinated. The number of children going unvaccinated in the United States … [Read more...]

Spring Health Notice

    Avoiding Allergies March 20th Spring bloomed in all its glory, but we also opened ourselves up to allergens that can take us off our A-game. It's a shame that Spring, as beautiful as can be, can manage to make you feel miserable from indoor allergies to dust and mold or hay … [Read more...]

Reducing Diagnostic Errors is Critical for Physicians

Missed or delayed diagnosis is the number one reason for malpractice lawsuits against physicans according to data from The Doctors Company. The following risk management tips, based on the most in-demand articles on the company’s website in 2013, all suggest ways physicians can reduce the chance of … [Read more...]

Accountable Care Organizations Lowering Risk and Rates

The California Medical Association defines an ACO as “a collection of physicians who join together to coordinate care, share clinical information and report on quality measures.”  A key part of healthcare reform, ACOs are intended to improve the quality of patient care.  In theory this improvement … [Read more...]

While the Debate Rages On

For months, the country has been anticipating some sort of healthcare insurance reform, and the other changes the Obama administration and Congress deem necessary to revive an ailing system and get coverage to those currently without insurance.  Even with the Democrats in control of Congress and the … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Lottery Extracts a High Toll On Everyone

When people think of a Medical Malpractice suit, most may sympathize with the physician, but often the general public secretly roots for the patient's chances at winning the Medical Malpractice Lottery. It may be a bit more controlled than that, but false or unsubstantiated claims cost us all a … [Read more...]

MDs Struggle To Return From Retirement

Recent economic woes have had an unanticipated effect on healthcare. Doctors who took large losses when the stock market stumbled have found themselves having to rethink their retirement plans, and some of them are hoping to return to their role as healthcare providers. That may not be as easy as … [Read more...]

In-Office Surgery May Lower Exposure to Risk

Something seems to have changed in the Anesthesia world.  Back in the day, coming out of general anesthesia was sometimes slow-going, taking hours.  Once the patient was fully awake, though, the worst of it was over.  Pain management could be handled and changed directly and quickly.  From reports … [Read more...]

LifeLinks Translates to Lower Malpractice Risks

Communication with the patient is essential in the Medical Profession. It's almost impossible to perform an accurate diagnosis, let alone provide care and after-care, unless you can speak with the client. IN recent times, the lack of communication can bring on a Malpractice suit, and often this … [Read more...]