While the Debate Rages On

For months, the country has been anticipating some sort of healthcare insurance reform, and the other changes the Obama administration and Congress deem necessary to revive an ailing system and get coverage to those currently without insurance.  Even with the Democrats in control of Congress and the White House, it seems there’s still ample debate to go around.  Of course, it doesn’t help any that we’re in the worst economic state in decades, but none of that changes one simple fact: Every day that goes by without meaningful reform equates to more lives lost, more suffering incurred, and more families torn apart by the status quo.  Whether the debate rages or simmers quietly, that simple truth stays the same.  And at its heart are all of the lawyers.

When a physician sets out to become a healer, he has all the best of intentions.  He wants to use his gifts to help people.  What, then, motivates attorneys?  Certainly there are some who are altruistic, but for the most part, the profession is full of self-serving individuals… and once again we’re reminded of the expression “Follow the money.”   Congress itself is nearly entirely comprised of lawyers.  Is it any wonder, then, that working solutions can’t be gotten from them?

When it comes to children, the lawyers seem to set their differences aside and agree that they should have the care, whatever it takes.  What about the young adults, parents and grandparents, though?  States may be scrambling to provide insurance for minors, but they’re largely indifferent to the adults.  Meanwhile, the simple fact is that if the parents have insurance, their children will as well.  If the parents don’t, then just insuring the kids is nothing more than a minimal start, a step in the right direction.  The entire family needs to be able to embrace wellness for it to be safe for the children.  It doesn’t solve the problem if one or both of the child’s parents should become seriously ill or perish.

Wellness is a cornerstone to a prosperous society.  People simply can’t tend to the daily responsibilities very well when they’re sick.  When you happen to be one of those who are ill, it doesn’t much matter what the statistics and percentages of uninsured are.  When we’re talking about millions of people without health insurance, that’s simply too many lives in the balance, no matter what percentage they may represent.

While you’ve been reading this, someone has not gotten care because he or she can’t get insurance.  By the time you’re done reading it, someone will likely have become gravely ill because they didn’t get a much more cost-effective treatment earlier on.  There are a lot of issues and people to take care of.  Let the attorneys duke it out.  That’s what they do best.  Meanwhile, let’s do everything we can to get back to providing care for every patient in need.  In the overall, providing them with the best care possible, regardless of their insurance status, continues to be one of the very best ways to solve the healthcare crisis and avoid medical malpractice suits at the same time.

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