What is Telemedicine?

  Introduction to Telemedicine Telemedicine is the use of electronic communication, such as video calls, digital photography, instant messaging, telephone and email, to provide clinical services to patients, without an in-person patient visit. Some of the most common uses for telemedicine are … [Read more...]

Could you benefit from a Nap?

Yes, you read that right! Could you as a medical professional benefit from a nap? In short, yes. A nap can have  a dramatic effect on increased Learning, Memory, Awareness, and more. With the long hours how will you fit it into your schedule? If taking a siesta, or shutting down your practice in … [Read more...]

Medical Board Investigations

From Anesthesiology to Urology, there are medical boards for just about every specialty available here in the United States, and they often do a great deal of good for the industry, including lobbying for positive legislative reforms, and providing conferences to display new breakthroughs. … [Read more...]

Why It’s Important for Healthcare Providers to Manage Their Online Presence

Social media continues to evolve and its influence can have both positive and negative effects for physicians and other healthcare providers. Just a few years ago many of our clients had no social media presence, and most did not maintain a website. Things are changing, it is vitally important for … [Read more...]

Five Things Every Healthcare Provider Must Know

Medical malpractice insurance is as necessary to a physician or healthcare provider as a stethoscope. The insurance protects the healthcare provider from having to bear the full costs of a legal defense and settlement in a malpractice lawsuit. Like other insurance policies, there are many options, … [Read more...]

Reducing Diagnostic Errors is Critical for Physicians

Missed or delayed diagnosis is the number one reason for malpractice lawsuits against physicans according to data from The Doctors Company. The following risk management tips, based on the most in-demand articles on the company’s website in 2013, all suggest ways physicians can reduce the chance of … [Read more...]

Medical Liability Insurance: 5 Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Know Your Carrier In order to succeed with medical liability insurance, an insurance carrier must have solid financial stability and expert claims handling. Be confident your insurance carrier will have the resources to respond in the event that a claim should ever arise. Purchase coverage … [Read more...]

Risk Reduction: Opioid Overdose

The recent death of Michael Jackson puts pain medications in focus and under the spotlight again. The tabloid's claims only serve to fuel speculation about something most of the medical profession is already acutely aware of: the over-prescribing of pain medications that allows potentially lethal … [Read more...]

Americans With Disabilities and Punative Damage Dangers

When most of us think about someone with a disability, we realize that interacting with them may mean giving assistance that fully able-bodied patients don't need. To that end, public facilities of all kinds are now wheelchair-accessible, for example. If a patient were blind, we might need to … [Read more...]

When Non-Renewal Strikes (Part 4 of 4)

What to Do when Non-renewed for Medical Malpractice Insurance (continued) In the previous section, we covered Step 3 and Step 4, which examined finding other coverage, and examining that coverage to be sure it's right for you.  In this final installment, we're looking at how best to pay for the … [Read more...]