When Faced With A Deposition

Nearly all physicians are doing the best they can for their patients.  We all hope you're never served with a malpractice suit,  but sometimes things happen.  We're all human beings.  When we make mistakes, we regret them and wish we could take them back.  We feel bad about the error and any … [Read more...]

Ethics of a Malpractice Suit

We've posted articles here before about the importance of having the right to decide whether a case is settled or not. In those circumstances, the point was that you may not want the insurance company to settle, as that reflects badly on your practice and you may not feel you had done anything … [Read more...]

Voluntary Continuing Education As A Defense

While most healthcare providers recognize that continuing education is a necessary part of their profession, some think of this as simply mandated by their employer or an obligatory formality. Others view it as a refresher course on skills and practices which one may not use often. Given medical … [Read more...]

Malpractice Suits Make Patients of the Physicians

One of the unaccounted tolls of being named in a malpractice suit is the clinical stress and depression that some physicians and health care providers experience as a result of the suit. Nearly all healthcare providers get into the field because they want to help people. It matters to them that they … [Read more...]

Patient Records In a Malpractice Case

We've posted about the importance of keeping thorough patient records to justify the choices and actions of a health care professional. In this article we talk about another crucial factor: Alterations of patient medical records. Regardless of your intention, a record should never be altered. An … [Read more...]

Illinois on the Ledge Again

Three years ago, Illinois became the 36th state to have limits on medical damage awards. This has been a very good thing for the people of Illinois, who were losing physicians in droves, because they could save $100,000 a year in malpractice insurance simply by moving to one of the surrounding … [Read more...]

How the New “Never Event” Policy Affects You

As some of you know, (and we've written about) as of October 1, 2008, Medicare is no longer reimbursing for costs that were incurred as a result of a Never Event.  We'll be putting a more complete article on the topic in our Newsletter, but for now, here are some of the basic points: Most medical … [Read more...]

Malpractice Insurance For Nurses

Although the question asked was specific to malpractice insurance for dermatology nurses, the advice of health care attorney Carolyn Buppert is sound for most any specialty.  When considering how much malpractice coverage to obtain, you want "as much as you can get and afford." This legal expert … [Read more...]