Tail Coverage: Who Needs It and What Is It For?

What is Tail Coverage? To understand tail coverage, you must first understand how a claims-made insurance policy works. A claims-made policy responds to claims based on when the claim is made against an insured, regardless of when the incident the claim is regarding occurred. This is … [Read more...]

Nose vs. Tail | What’s the Diff?

Now we're taking some time to clarify the difference between Nose & Tail coverage. Malpractice policies are written on either an¬†Occurrence or Claims-Made basis. When working with the latter, physicians have exposure to future claims from incidents that have already taken place in the past. … [Read more...]

Tail Coverage Considerations

Whether you're canceling a policy to move your policy elsewhere or you're retiring, if you have a Claims-Made policy you will have to Tail-out. Okay, but what does this mean? Let's discuss the ins and outs of Tail Coverage and what you need to consider! What is Tail? Tail Coverage, also known as … [Read more...]

New Physicians: The Hidden Expense of Medical Malpractice Insurance, Part 1

The first of three parts, this series addresses issues every new doctor should be aware of. Each year at the end of summer, we find a fresh crop of recently licensed physicians seeking positions within medical groups and establishing their own new practices.¬† If you're one of them, … [Read more...]