Accountable Care Organizations Lowering Risk and Rates

The California Medical Association defines an ACO as “a collection of physicians who join together to coordinate care, share clinical information and report on quality measures.”  A key part of healthcare reform, ACOs are intended to improve the quality of patient care.  In theory this improvement … [Read more...]

NORCAL Mutual Announces DataShield™ — Free Coverage

Joining other medical malpractice insurers like The Doctors Company, NORCAL Mutual now offers a new, free coverage enhancement that will protect policyholders from information, computer and network risk. Effective Jan. 1, 2011, DataShield™ provides substantial protection from the growing risks … [Read more...]

Norcal Mutual Announces 2011 Dividend for California Insureds

Norcal declared a 2011 dividend, which will be returned to policyholders in the form of premium credits to eligible individual physicians, medical groups and healthcare facilities. The 2011 dividend equates to approximately 10 percent of eligible policyholders' 2010 premiums. Norcal has advised us … [Read more...]

California Medical Malpractice Insurance Rankings Published

The California Department of Insurance has issued their annual report outlining the market share and written premiums of insurers writing medical malpractice insurance policies in California.  This is closely watched data as the failure rate for medical malpractice insurance companies is among the … [Read more...]

Norcal Mutual Advocates Early Reporting of Medical Malpractice Insurance Claims by Physicians

Norcal Mutual Advocates Early Reporting of Medical Malpractice Insurance Claims  Norcal Mutual Insurance Company recently stressed its position of early claim reporting by its medical malpractice insureds. “NORCAL Mutual continually stresses that there is no penalty for early reporting of … [Read more...]

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company Responds To Recent Credit Crisis

Norcal Mutual Insurance Company is a leading, California-based, Medical Malpractice Insurance company.  In direct contrast to the volatility of some of the major insurance players (particularly AIG), the CEO of Norcal, James Sunseri,  is very reassuring about Norcal's financial stability. NORCAL … [Read more...]