Teleradiology Prompts Medical Malpractice Insurance Quandry

A California Radiology Group plans to hire a radiologist to read films from his home in Colorado.  A practice commonly referred to as teleradiology, a branch of telemedicine. This teleradiology practice raises questions concerning whether the physician is practicing medicine in California or Colorado and subsequently will the California-based insurance carrier extend coverage for this out-of-state exposure?

Technically, the teleradiologist need only maintain a California medical license as only films for California patients will be reviewed (this requirement varies from state to state).  From this we can construe the teleradiologist reading from out-of-state for in-state patients is not providing a medical opinion outside California.  In other words, the physician is practicing medicine in California though physically located outside of California.  So, how does this affect the medical malpractice insurance policy issued by a California carrier not licensed to do business in Colorado?  Reverting back to the premise that the teleradiologist is technically practicing in California, this should pose only a minor obstacle for the group to obtain coverage once the telemedicine exposure is clearly documented and satisfactorily explained.

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