NORCAL Mutual Announces DataShield™ — Free Coverage

Joining other medical malpractice insurers like The Doctors Company, NORCAL Mutual now offers a new, free coverage enhancement that will protect policyholders from information, computer and network risk. Effective Jan. 1, 2011, DataShield™ provides substantial protection from the growing risks … [Read more...]

Credit Card Payments Accepted by MedPro

Medical Protective recently announced that effective immediately, credit card and electronic payments will be accepted for premium payments for individual physicians and groups in California!  Med Pro will not asses additional charges for payments made using either of these two new options.  All of … [Read more...]

Top Five Things to Look For In a Malpractice Insurance Policy

While there are many factors that go into choosing the right dental or medical malpractice insurance policy, here is a Top Five list of things we feel are essential considerations in making the choice: 1. Insurance policies aren't all equal, nor are they the same. There can be vast differences … [Read more...]

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company Responds To Recent Credit Crisis

Norcal Mutual Insurance Company is a leading, California-based, Medical Malpractice Insurance company.  In direct contrast to the volatility of some of the major insurance players (particularly AIG), the CEO of Norcal, James Sunseri,  is very reassuring about Norcal's financial stability. NORCAL … [Read more...]