Rapid Molecular Pathogen Testing [Full Webinar Presentation]

Rapid Molecular Pathogen Testing

Part 7 of our Webinar Series: “Rapid Molecular Pathogen Testing” features Shea Harrelson of NCF Diagnostics and DNA.

Clinical Advantages of PCR:

  1. Noninvasive  Collection Technique
  2. Rapid & Accurate Diagnosis (24-48 hrs)
  3. Detection of Multiple Pathogens at Once
  4. Sensitivity Unaffected by Current Medications (Ex: Antibiotics or PPIs)
  5. Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotics & Adverse Drug Events
  6. Ability to Test Antibiotic Resistance Genes

If you have any questions regarding PCR or what to inquire about transitioning to it email sharrelson@ncfdna.com or give her a call directly at 864-238-7466.

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