Medical Protective Announces Discount for Pediatric Medical Malpractice Insurance

Presidio is pleased to announce that starting June 2010, Med Pro is offering special discounts and benefits to Pediatricians across the country.  Membership in select pediatric organizations will earn a discount for all Med Pro pediatric and pediatric-surgical specialists insured with Medical Protective.  Proof of membership is required.

Features of the MedPro Pediatric Program include:

  • A pediatric member premium discount on  Medical Protective medical malpractice insurance policy
  • An additional pediatric member discount for insureds with 10 years of claim-free experience
  • Occurrence and Claims-made coverage options
  • Various credits including: group practice; new-to-practice; part-time; risk management
  • Risk management tools and educational programs (eligible for 5% credit upon successful completion – good for 3 years)
  • Best defense and claims handling
  • Real “Consent-to-Settle”*
  • Free tail coverage at any age with just 1 year of coverage at a mature rate

Presidio Insurance Solutions is an approved Medical Protective agent offering dental and medical malpractice insurance coverage.

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