Medical Protective Company AANA Insurance Services

The Medical Protective Company to facilitate the needs of Medical Malpractice coverage for CRNA’s and members of AANA

Presidio Insurance is pleased to announce Medical Protective’s new collaboration with AANA Insurance Services, formed to address the ever-growing insurance needs of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthestists (“CRNAs”) and committed to providing the best insurance products available to CRNAs on a nationwide basis. The insurance professionals at Presidio are here to assist in the application process…visit our website at or call us directly at (800)317-6411 to get your Rate Indication today.

2 thoughts on “Medical Protective Company AANA Insurance Services”

  1. Patrick McCulley

    I would like to eitherget a name of someone I could discuss a current issue with. I have been insured through AANA for my entire 30 years as a CRNA, I have never had any suit brought against me during that time. In late 2009 I decided to no longer do clinical but continue to run my small Corp. Upon reviewing my latest contract,in Dec 2010 with the hospital I noticed that I was required to maintain insurance on myself as well as the corporate entity.Since I had put my licenses on the inactive list at that time I was told by AANA Insurance that I needed to reinstate them before I could get insurance coverage. After much work and money I accomplished getting my licenses reinstated. I then was refused coverage by AANA because I still was not doing clinical. It seemed to me that this would significantly lesson their exposure to any claims.
    I have had a corp that has supplied anesthesia coverage for the past 9 years to a single hospital. All of the CRNA’s who are Independent Contractors have their own malpractice insurance. They are all covered through AANA.
    I have since gotten insurance through another broker who was suggested by AANA Insurance. After discusing the issue with my lawyer we felt that I neded to find some way to get coverage through the AANA and hope to be able to get a “Nose” for the time frame when I was not covered. I did have a “Tail” to cover me and the “Slots” I had.
    It appears if I can not come up with a solution I will have to sacrifice my ownership in my Corp.
    Thanks for taking the time to review my comment.
    Patrick McCulley CRNA MHA
    Sutter CReek OB Anesthesia INC
    925 228 9108
    fax 925 228 9122

  2. Denise Brickson

    I am currently seeking a position in Florida at a surgery center. I would be per diem. I need to have my own malpractice policy.
    Please contact me with any information about rates.
    Thank you
    Denise Brickson

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