Malpractice Insurance For Podiatrists | Coverage Options

If you are a Podiatrist who is currently insured with PICA, which is now Pro Assurance, you should be investigating new medical malpractice insurance coverage options. We are excited to announce you finally have liability coverage options when it comes to protecting your podiatry practice. It is estimated that PICA insures approximately 70-80% of all Podiatrists, not because they offer the best products and services, but for many years they were one of the few reliable insurers a Podiatrist could turn to. Luckily the markets have evolved and Pro Assurance is no longer monopolizing the industry. Several new companies have entered the market place and we feel one company in particular is set to take over significant market share. They have excellent rates, they are dedicated to helping podiatrists manage risk, and they offer great service and support.

Presidio Insurance is an independent insurance brokerage, it is our job to find the best products and services for our clients. Podiatrists are lucky that Medical Protective, one of the nation’s leading medical malpractice insurers has decided to offer coverage for podiatrists via DPM Preferred, a new risk purchasing group created exclusively for podiatrists. This is a national program designed exclusively for Podiatrists. DPM preferred is backed financially by Medical Protective, a Berkshire Hathaway Company. This means you know the company will be there when you need them. Medical Protective has extensive risk management resources, a top notch claims management team, and excellent customer service. Best of all, their rates in many cases are lower than PICA/Pro Assurance. Watch this short video to discover what DPM Preferred can do for you. Presidio Insurance can help you get a quote so you can discover how easy it is to get the best coverage for your practice.

Find out how you can save at least 15% on your Podiatry malpractice insurance today.


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