Hospitalists Offered Discount on Medical Malpractice Insurance

Hospitalists who are looking for Medical Malpractice Insurance have the option to reduce their insurance costs when they join the Society Of Hospital Medicine and Hospitalist Logo White2choose The Doctors Company (TDC) as their malpractice insurance carrier. TDC and the society have announced they are partnering  on the development of an online risk management program to help hospitalists build and maintain patient safety skills . This program can be completed online and is easy to access.

Members of the Society for Hospital Medicine are eligible to receive a credit on their malpractice insurance once they complete the modules in the course.  The Doctors Company, one of the nations largest malpractice insurance companies, is exclusively endorsed as the preferred provider of Medical Malpractice Insurance by the society.  TDC is excited to be at the forefront of this expanding field and is working to develop underwriting guidelines and policies that meet the needs of today’s Hospitalist.

Presidio Insurance can help you implement and decipher the most cost effective coverage options for your group or staffing company. There is no advantage to going directly to the carrier for a quote. But there is an advantage when you work with Presidio. You will receive advice and guidance tailored to your specific needs. Presidio is the nations leading Medical Malpractice Insurance Broker for Hospitalists. We have created a special division which focuses solely on Hospitalists and the issues they face.  Gisela Smith, President of Presidio sees Hospitalists’ playing a greater role in the healthcare  system.  “With a national healthcare system set to roll out in 2014, hospitals will be under pressure to improve patient health and safety and reduce re-admissions, the hospitalists will play a vital role in this process.”

Program Details

The Society for Hospital Medicine program, the Hospital Quality & Patient Safety Online Academy (HQPS), consists of online modules that provide training not included in traditional medical education. It is convenient and easy to access and utlimately benefits the Hospitalist and their patients. SHM members who are insured by The Doctors Company will receive a 5 percent risk management credit for completing the first five online modules of the HQPS. This new 5 percent credit is in addition to the 5 percent program discount and claims-free credit of up to 25 percent offered to SHM members who are insured by The Doctors Company.

Presidio Insurance offers malpractice insurance coverage to hospitalists working individually, in groups, or for staffing agencies. We can help you evaluate the options available and create a comprehensive coverage solution.

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