2016: A Year In Review

Presidio has had a great year! We’d like to take the time not only to thank each of you for making it such a prosperous 365 but we’d also like to take a look back at the highlights.

Gisela’s Highlight:

2016 – year of challenges and gratitude. Together we survived the changes and tough times embracing the highs and buckling down for the lows. Gratefully there were meaningful, beautiful, life-altering moments to level out the more challenging ones!

I am deeply thankful for a successful 2016 that brought Presidio new team members as well as many new healthcare clients while preserving thriving relationships with all our partners, colleagues and clients across the country. We continue to challenge ourselves to be the best and do the best for ourselves and our clients.

Together as the Presidio team and each of us individually continue our journey onward and upward in 2017!

Eric’s Highlight:

2016 came and went in a blur.  One of the exciting opportunities near and dear to my heart is that of beginning the conceptual design and development of Tiny Home Villages – 25-40 homes – as a means to not only make a dent in our homeless housing needs, but also in responding to the needs of farmworker housing, post-prisoner housing, homeless students/student housing, Veteran housing and even low-cost housing for fixed income seniors and young professionals starting in their career.

The concept uses the best of breed design from the Tiny Home movement, but importantly focuses on restoring community amongst residents that has been lost and closing the gap between worker wages and the high cost of housing in California that is unaffordable to most.  We hope in 2017 to launch 2-3 beta sites with the Tiny Home Villages integrated with a business startup enterprise and hydroponic gardens.  And best of all, there is a pathway to ownership for residents of their Tiny Home, bringing hope and dignity to those most in need.  Look for exciting developments in 2017.

Rhonda’s Highlight:

2016 was a milestone year for me; I married my wonderful husband and went to Kauai for my honeymoon. I’m excited about the new team at Presidio I looking forward to all we’ll be able to accomplish in 2017!


Kerri’s Highlight:

In 2016, I made one of the best decisions and started working with Presidio. Besides working with amazing people and meeting so many great clients I traveled to a few different conferences to meet with new and existing clients. One of my favorite memories is when we were in Colorado for the Society of OBGYN Hospitalist conference. After a long couple of days Gisela and I decided to head into the city and try a very famous High Tea Time at The Brown Palace in Downtown Denver. It was one of the best afternoons meeting so many great local people. I look forward to the experiences and the people that I will meet in 2017.

Sammy’s Highlight:

The best way to sum up 2016 is… “Resilience” (Glad we made it through)! While I definitely had some great moments, like graduating from California Lutheran University this past May, (Masters of Business Administration) and becoming a Notary Public, there were also some significant losses, trials and tribulations. Looking forward, to the growth ahead of me in 2017. I have complete faith that it will be a year of redemption and can’t wait!

Jennifer’s Highlight:

Besides starting a new career with Presidio in November, the highlights of 2016 for me were celebrating 20 years of marriage with my husband and taking a family trip to Hawaii!

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