California Businesses Reopening

After 15 months of restrictions, California businesses were allowed to reopen fully on June 15th, 2021. Governor Gavin Newsom told the public in April and May that it would be “business as usual.” After months of uncertainty, authorities decided that California has reached a point where it is safe to return to normalcy.

So, what does “business as usual” mean?

  • Masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated adults except in settings where masks are required for everyone such as public transportation, schools, and healthcare facilities.
  • Masks are still required for unvaccinated individuals in indoor settings and businesses.
  • Businesses may choose to require all patrons to wear masks or verify vaccination status.

For the 57% of California residents that are vaccinated this means it will no longer be mandated to wear a mask at the movie theater, grocery store, bar, gym, or any other indoor establishment, but businesses are allowed to deny service unless patrons wear a mask if they choose. For those who remain unvaccinated masks will still be mandatory and service can be denied without a mask or proof of vaccination.


CA Department of Public  Health guidelines

Guidance for face coverings

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