Podiatric Malpractice Insurance Program

This nationwide medical malpractice insurance program is exclusively for podiatrists. We offer you coverage that is tailored to your podiatry practice and enjoy supplemental benefits that promote continuing education and growth in your field. Podiatrists who join the program have a distinct advantage over other podiatrists. Your membership provides you with access to benefits that go above and beyond insurance coverage. These benefits range from complimentary continuing education opportunities, to risk management programs, and more!

Coverage Highlights

  • Medical Professional Liability with pure consent to settle
  • Defense costs are paid outside of policy limit (unlimited)
  • Medicare Audit Coverage $100K Aggregate
  • Excellent Claims Defense winning > 85% of all cases
  • Great for groups 1 policy covers all Podiatrists.
  • Coverage for medical assistants included
  • A national company with portability of coverage nationwide

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Pure Consent to Settle

Your practice is your livelihood and your reputation your own. Your medical liability policy should never settle any case without your consent. It’s your money. Your name is on the policy. You should be the one making the decisions. Do you have a consent to settle clause in your policy?

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Occurrence and Claims-Made

We offer both claims-made and occurrence policies. An occurrence policy gives you increased flexibility and never requires the purchase of a tail (extended reporting period). A convertible claims-made product enables you to easily convert from claims-made coverage to occurrence coverage.

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