TDC is Taking the Mal out of Malpractice


After extensive research, The Doctors Company (TDC) has decided to take the Mal out of Malpractice. But what does that mean? Well, TDC is guided by their belief that the practice of good medicine should be advanced, protected, and rewarded in every way. For those reasons they’re taking the “mal” out of malpractice insurance in order to reflect the kind of partner that practices are seeking today.

Given the complexities Physicians and their practices face, the need for a strong, proactive partner has never been greater. TDC is focused on the positive aspects, just as doctors have always done for the practice of medicine. Taking the mal out of malpractice better acknowledges the kind of insurance leaders and partner that brings beneficial change to our healthcare system.

As are all of our trusted carriers, we are your advocates. TDC is devoted to relentlessly defending members whether it’s in the courtroom or in the doctors office. The point is that we’re focusing on good practices by doctors for patients. There’s a continued effort to provide proactive guidance and resources that keep doctors in the know, no matter what specialty or practice.

Additionally, risk management using data to shine a light on risks and trends others can’t see is the sort of innovation that will keep you up to date and covered on new digital health developments, models of healthcare, and more. Their partnership working alongside practices of all sizes helps to advance, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine. Which is ultimately the point. We want to focus on the quality care you provide to your patients and keep it that way moving forward.

If you’re considering The Doctor’s Company be sure to call us directly at (805) 499-7300 or email us at for more information. Also, you check out this video explaining their concept of taking the Mal out of Malpractice!

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