Nevada RRG faces Recapitalization

As your trusted friend in insurance, we keep you in the know, especially on topics that may impact your coverage. We have covered various updates for RRGsĀ who have faced liquidation and other financial woes. Let's discuss Lancet RRG, the Doctor owned Nevada RRG facing recapitalization. Lancet … [Read more...]

Risk Transfer vs. Pooling Risk

  One point of interest for RRGs, as covered in our 10 Reasons to Reconsider RRGs blog, are the hidden fees. This time, not so much talking about membership fees associated with RRG and mutual trusts. Now we're focusing on the costs associated with risk pooling. When considering insurance … [Read more...]

What to do if your RRG Faces Liquidation!

As we've previously discussed, there is a very real distinction between Risk Retention Groups (RRG) vs. Traditional Insurance Companies. When considering coverage anywhere, it is emphatic that you consider more than just the cost of premium. Surely the immediate costs are important but there are … [Read more...]

RRG’s & Insurance Carriers

A Risk Retention Group (RRG) is an owner-controlled insurance association authorized by the Federal Government that, in essence, writes their own liability insurance. They are typically established during periods of time where malpractice insurance company premiums tend to be consistently high … [Read more...]