Ortho Preferred Success on the West Coast

Early success began for Ortho Preferred on the East Coast. Recently, however, Ortho-Preferred has developed inroads on the West Coast with orthopedists in California and Oregon seeing the benefits of this exclusive program to meet the medical malpractice needs of orthopedic surgeons. Ortho … [Read more...]

Intensivists Medical Malpractice Insurance Tips

Intensivists face a different coverage scenario and higher risk than traditional, office-based providers.  For intensivists it is not a mater of IF one will face litigation, but WHEN one will face litigation.  Therefore, it is vital to secure medical malpractice coverage from  top-rated insurance … [Read more...]

OB/GYNs face obstacles in medical malpractice insurance for Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

 Declining reimbursement in traditional OB/GYN practices has pushed many OB/Gyns to broaden their practice to include specialized, aesthetic procedures to bring in extra revenue.  Among those procedures commonly being considered by OB/GYNs, is laser vaginal rejuvenation.  This raises the issue of … [Read more...]

Medical Protective Announces Discount for Pediatric Medical Malpractice Insurance

Presidio is pleased to announce that starting June 2010, Med Pro is offering special discounts and benefits to Pediatricians across the country.  Membership in select pediatric organizations will earn a discount for all Med Pro pediatric and pediatric-surgical specialists insured with Medical … [Read more...]

Medical Protective Company AANA Insurance Services

The Medical Protective Company to facilitate the needs of Medical Malpractice coverage for CRNA's and members of AANA Presidio Insurance is pleased to announce Medical Protective's new collaboration with AANA Insurance Services, formed to address the ever-growing insurance needs of Certified … [Read more...]

Oregon Medical Malpractice Insurance Continues To Decrease

The major insurers have reduced their rates an average of 20% over the last five years. 2010 is continuing the trend as two professional liability carriers have recently announced lower rates effective April 2010. The Doctors’ Company has announced an average rate decrease of 5.1% while Medical … [Read more...]

Medical Groups given Choice on Medical Malpractice Coverage

Medical Protective (part of the Berkshire Hathaway group of companies) is reintroducing the Occurrence coverage form in many states, including those in the west. Occurrence form used to be the only coverage form prior to the crisis in the medical malpractice insurance industry in the 1980's. … [Read more...]

Credit Card Payments Accepted by MedPro

Medical Protective recently announced that effective immediately, credit card and electronic payments will be accepted for premium payments for individual physicians and groups in California!  Med Pro will not asses additional charges for payments made using either of these two new options.  All of … [Read more...]

MedPro Provides Peace of Mind

An excerpt from the November 1st, 2008 letter by Medical Protective President and CEO Tim Kenesey… Over the last couple of months - in light of the Wall St. meltdown, widely reported bank and insurance failures and weaknesses, and the related implications to the medical malpractice insurance … [Read more...]