Tail Coverage: Who Needs It and What Is It For?

What is Tail Coverage? To understand tail coverage, you must first understand how a claims-made insurance policy works. A claims-made policy responds to claims based on when the claim is made against an insured, regardless of when the incident the claim is regarding occurred. This is … [Read more...]

Benefits of Working with an Independent Insurance Broker

Captive and Independent Brokers      When looking for medical malpractice insurance, there are two types of brokers or agents a medical professional can work with: a captive insurance agent or an independent insurance broker. The difference between these two is … [Read more...]

Malpractice Policy Exclusions

  Medical Malpractice Insurance policy exclusions are put in place to make sure the insurance carrier doesn’t pay for claims that originate from conduct or situations outside of the agreed upon policy terms. In other words, an insurance carrier will not defend and compensate on the … [Read more...]

OBGYN Hospitalist Professional Liability Insurance Options

Presidio Insurance, the nations premier Medical Malpractice Insurance Brokerage is excited to announce, we now offer Medical Malpractice Coverage to OBGYN's who practice in the hospital setting, otherwise know as a OBGYNHospitalist. Presidio has partnered with several top rated insurance carriers to … [Read more...]

NORCAL Mutual Announces DataShield™ — Free Coverage

Joining other medical malpractice insurers like The Doctors Company, NORCAL Mutual now offers a new, free coverage enhancement that will protect policyholders from information, computer and network risk. Effective Jan. 1, 2011, DataShield™ provides substantial protection from the growing risks … [Read more...]

Intensivists Medical Malpractice Insurance Tips

Intensivists face a different coverage scenario and higher risk than traditional, office-based providers.  For intensivists it is not a mater of IF one will face litigation, but WHEN one will face litigation.  Therefore, it is vital to secure medical malpractice coverage from  top-rated insurance … [Read more...]

The 3/4 Factor

Several independent objective studies have concluded that between 75 and 80 percent of all malpractice suits filed are deemed invalid.  3/4 of the cases should not have been filed. Three out of four cases had no merit at all!  Yet each of those would cost the physician and his professional … [Read more...]

Ambulance Chasers Twisting Truth, Stealing Thunder

Generally speaking, I tend to let the ambulance chasers' statements slide on off of my back. Their motives are clear enough: They want to convince people that their services are needed, so they can get 1/3 of the prospective client's money. This causes them to run commercials on TV, to take their … [Read more...]