Intensivists Medical Malpractice Insurance Tips

Intensivists face a different coverage scenario and higher risk than traditional, office-based providers.  For intensivists it is not a mater of IF one will face litigation, but WHEN one will face litigation.  Therefore, it is vital to secure medical malpractice coverage from  top-rated insurance … [Read more...]

Placebos, Fatigue, And Negligence

When lawyers talk about a Medical Malpractice case, the first thing on their mind is whether or not it qualifies, whether it is provable as malpractice.  Just because there is a detrimental end result to a patient does not necessarily mean that there is basis for an allegation of malpractice.   If … [Read more...]

Illinois Patient Sues Over Disclosure

A woman in Illinois has filed suit against her physician, claiming that she was not properly informed and could not, therefore, give true consent, even though she signed the consent forms. Her condition involved a leaky heart valve. The surgery performed included installing a device, which the … [Read more...]

NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company Responds To Recent Credit Crisis

Norcal Mutual Insurance Company is a leading, California-based, Medical Malpractice Insurance company.  In direct contrast to the volatility of some of the major insurance players (particularly AIG), the CEO of Norcal, James Sunseri,  is very reassuring about Norcal's financial stability. NORCAL … [Read more...]