Accountable Care Organizations Lowering Risk and Rates

The California Medical Association defines an ACO as “a collection of physicians who join together to coordinate care, share clinical information and report on quality measures.”  A key part of healthcare reform, ACOs are intended to improve the quality of patient care.  In theory this improvement … [Read more...]

How To Lower Your Medical Malpractice Insurance Costs

Insurance is a dynamic and sometimes complicated affair.  You wouldn't treat yourself for a disease, right?  Likewise, it just makes (dollars and) sense to go to a professional for help with your practice's insurance. The majority of physicians in Northern California and Oregon have traditionally … [Read more...]

Medical Malpractice Discounts Available

Did you know that medical malpractice insurance companies often offer discounts for medical practices which participate in Risk Reduction programs?  In fact, most reliable carriers offer risk reduction information and counseling free of charge.   This is one of the discounts which may be available … [Read more...]

Ways To Reduce Medi-Spa Premiums

How Can I lower my Medi-Spa Premium? Here are a few ways to keep your premiums as low as possible: Medical Director Coverage - If your medical directors treat patients themselves, this results in additional costs, usually $2500 - $5000 per physician.  Having your medical director oversee … [Read more...]