Common Medical Malpractice Terms and What They Mean

Medical malpractice insurance can be confusing. There are many commonly used terms and phrases used in malpractice insurance that most people are unfamiliar with. If you have found yourself wondering what your medical malpractice insurance broker is talking about or just want to learn a little more … [Read more...]

Introduction to Business Owners Policy Insurance

What is a Business Owner Policy? A business owner policy or BOP is an insurance policy that combines many property and liability risks into one. A BOP includes the basic types of coverage that a business would need. You can think of it as an all-in-one insurance policy for a small to medium sized … [Read more...]

Why Doctors in Hawaii Should Take a Closer Look at MedPro

Who is MedPro?              For most doctors, facing a claim is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”. As such, medical malpractice insurance should be considered a commodity. MedPro is a leader in the medical malpractice insurance industry with over 200,000 doctors insured today. A … [Read more...]

The Doctors Company Adds Cyberguard

The Doctors Company, a leading medical malpractice insurance company, known for its low prices and creative coverage solutions, has announced a new coverage enhancement named CYBERGUARD. Cyberguard will be added to all existing medical malpractice insurance policies issued by The Doctors Company. … [Read more...]

The Price of Reputation

An online publication recently begged the question, "How Competent Is Your Surgeon?" In the piece, the writer claims that a friend was in a Florida hospital for an appendectomy, but a records check showed that the staff surgeon had been sued five times... and that all five times the case was … [Read more...]

Medical Protective Company Earns AA+ Rating

Ambest, the 109 year old credit rating agency for this industry, has pronounced and affirmed the financial strength of The Medical Protective Company, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, granting them an AA+ rating as an insurance provider. They further state that the company's financial strength and … [Read more...]

The Annual Insurance Check-up

This is the time of year when all physicians, managers, and administrators should be sitting down to plan for 2009 expenses. The second or third line item of most healthcare practice balance sheets is INSURANCE. This is one area that should be carefully and personally reviewed with your insurance … [Read more...]

Malpractice Insurance For Nurses

Although the question asked was specific to malpractice insurance for dermatology nurses, the advice of health care attorney Carolyn Buppert is sound for most any specialty.  When considering how much malpractice coverage to obtain, you want "as much as you can get and afford." This legal expert … [Read more...]