What is Informed Consent?

            Most medical procedures involve a degree of risk for patients, for that reason it is important that doctors inform patients about the risks and potential side effects that can arise from a medical procedure. Informed consent in … [Read more...]

Illinois Patient Sues Over Disclosure

A woman in Illinois has filed suit against her physician, claiming that she was not properly informed and could not, therefore, give true consent, even though she signed the consent forms. Her condition involved a leaky heart valve. The surgery performed included installing a device, which the … [Read more...]

Medical Procedure Informed Consent is a Process Not a Form

Informed Consent is a Process Not a Form Often informed consent is viewed as another form to be signed by the patient that protects the physician or facility in the event of litigation. In truth it is the process of obtaining informed consent - and documenting the process - that offers … [Read more...]