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Recent Ransomware Attack on US Businesses

A Presidio client was one of the over 200 victims of a recent cybersecurity breach that targeted American companies during the July 4th holiday. As recently as a few months ago, the client was unprotected from cyber-attacks, but fortunately for them, their Presidio Account Executive, Shirin Shakeri, noticed that they did not have cybersecurity coverage …

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Stand Alone vs. Built-In Cyber Liability Insurance

Built-In vs Stand-Alone Cyber Liability Insurance

Between minor breaches and major attacks to infrastructure, it’s no wonder that we’re such advocates for Cyber Liability Insurance. Cyber risks are an exposure that your practice simply cannot escape. Cyber interruptions can not only have a financial impact but it will no doubt affect patient safety if improperly accounted for. For another installment of “What’s …

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RRG’s & Insurance Carriers

A Risk Retention Group (RRG) is an owner-controlled insurance association authorized by the Federal Government that, in essence, writes their own liability insurance. They are typically established during periods of time where malpractice insurance company premiums tend to be consistently high across the board. They are an alternative to medical malpractice insurance, but are bound …

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