Superior Patient Care Awarded with Over $50M

Over $50 Million Awarded to Physicians for Delivering Superior Patient Care
The Doctors Company (TDC) continues to take the mal out of malpractice insurance by rewarding physicians for providing superior patient care.
Recently TDC announced that they’ve paid over $50 million in Tribute® Plan awards. Rewarding retiring doctors, this tribute was the first national plan to reward doctors who are retiring after a commitment to superior patient care. The past 10 years have resulted in over 5,800 Tribute awards, with $139,599 as the highest award and $239,414 as the largest balance.
“No other medical malpractice insurer provides rewards of this magnitude. The Tribute Plan demonstrates our commitment to recognizing careers spent practicing good medicine and is one of the many ways we take the mal out of malpractice insurance.”
-Richard E. Anderson, MD, FACP, chairman and CEO of The Doctors Company.
With TDC’s financial strength of over $4 billion in assets, they are allowed to offer this Tribute plan as a long-term benefit.
“The Tribute Plan has been invaluable to our growth in membership with The Doctors Company. Since Tribute’s inception in 2007, our agency membership with The Doctors Company has increased more than 100 percent. We look forward to another 10 years of growth in our clientele through the physician market leader in professional liability—The Doctors Company—as they continue to relentlessly defend, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine to our joint client members.”
-Mike Grady, president and founder of Grady Professional Services
 At the end of the day Patient Safety is at the center of your focus and you should be rewarded for your great work! Learn more here about how The Doctor’s Company is making strides to not onlt take the mal out of malpractice but to reinforce your efforts in providing superior patient safety.

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