Presidio Profiles: Christopher Hanna


If you’ve ever seen our stellar social media outlets or been to an event where Presidio has tabled, then you’ve probably seen (or heard) the work of our Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, Christopher Hanna. He handles a good deal of our marketing efforts, which includes the Presidio News and Blog, email outreach, website design, and more. Continue below to read more about Chris’ life outlook, how he’s feeling about graduation, and how he came to be an intern here at Presidio:

Presidio Profiles Chris

What made you decide to intern at Presidio?

I got a special feeling when I walked in the door for the first time. I applied to a variety of places, both big and small, and everyone at Presidio made me feel instantly valued, not just as an intern, but as an important and useful member of the staff…that’s a rare experience in an internship.

What are you up to when outside of the office?

A lot, to tell you the truth! I’m a full-time student at Cal Lutheran as an Advertising and Public Relations major, and I’m just getting into the meaty courses of my concentration…Beyond the work stuff, I dabble in acting and I’m almost always writing when I’m not preoccupied or amongst company. I’m also getting more into camping, something I hated as a child…At the moment, I’m reading through Humans of New York, and it’s really making me wanna move to New York City someday.

Do you have any plans after graduation?

That’s a scary question for a lot of my peers, myself included. But that’s the cool part of college: I get to experiment and try different things and learn what I like and what I need to improve upon. So to answer the question, I plan to keep moving forward in whatever I find myself doing when I graduate. It’s kinda exciting when I think about it, but that could change when I get closer to graduating.


Where is your happy place, the location or area you feel most like yourself?

Hmmm…In the mornings before the sunrise, I hike up behind Cal Lutheran and watch the sun light up the city. It starts off slow, and then it all kinda happens at once. It’s a metaphor and…a life lesson, where I learn to value the experience within the short-lived moment. But my favorite place in the world is St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. It’s a 512-step staircase up to the top balcony, but it makes the view of the city that much more worth it.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?

I’ve learned so many good ones and bad ones, it’s hard to choose! The one that first comes to mind is “keep moving forward”, and I partly attribute the success in my career thus far to this mentality. I think it’s made me a more creative individual, since I keep changing my surrounding environment to make my mind think in more divergent and unconventional ways. In an industry where there’s a lot of noise, creativity is everything.

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