Podiatrists | 2014 Western Foot & Ankle Conference | Presidio Insurance

Presidio Insurance will have a booth with Medical Protective at the 2014 Western Foot & Ankle Conference. We are excited to offer the chance to win $11,899.00. Podiatrists can find out about the new malpractice insurance program, DPM Preferred. We are giving away the chance to win Malpractice Insurance Coverage for One Year, and if your premium is less than $11,899.00 it may pay for two years of coverage.Enter to Win

We want to get Podiatrists excited about the new options they have when it comes to professional liability insurance. For years there have been limited options in terms of coverage and carriers. Limited options aren’t good for anyone. Medical Protective has stepped in to fill a huge void in the market. Recent rate filings show that a typical Podiatrist can save at least 15% off by switching to Medical Protective. Podiatrists will receive a far superior product at a lower price. This doesn’t happen every day in the Insurance world. Typically lower price means inferior coverage. But in this case, you can have a Mercedes for the price of a Toyota. Not that a Toyota is cheap, it just doesn’t compare to a Mercedes in the terms of quality. 

Podiatrists saw their Malpractice Insurance rates increase 27% last year. This is based on a study published by www.podiatrym.com. They have been publishing an annual study for at least the last five years. See Infographic below.

Podiatrists we encourage you to come visit Melissa Curtis of Presidio Insurance at Booth 316 to find out how we can help you achieve piece of mind once an for all. Lower your capital expenditures and protect your practice for years to come. Medical Protective is one of the few insurance carriers to offer an Occurrence Policy. While this might not be the best option for all Podiatrists, it is just one example of how Med Pro sets itself apart. Not to mention the A++ rating from AM Best and extensive industry experience, founded in 1899.

We want to help you discover what the best options for you and your practice are. Come visit us. Our Booth will be interactive and fun. See you at Disneyland June 19-21, 2014!!!


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