PCR & Malpractice

Polymerase Chain Reaction

What is PCR?

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is the technology formerly used predominantly by pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers. Due to technological advances, PCR has developed diagnoses precision for Cancer and other serious diseases. PCR has revolutionized the commercial procedures, but has it opened doctors up to more claims if they’re not employing this technology?

Tradition Culture vs. Molecular Pathogen Testing

Traditionally the model for detecting pathogens was through the culture technique; sensitivity and susceptibility. Now data is incorporated into an antibiotic chart with other resources to guide resource consolidation. This helps medical providers make decisions for patient diagnosis and treatment.Polymerase Chain Reaction

Delayed Diagnosis & Claims

Malpractice Claims come about when Doctors, Physicians or other healthcare professionals may have been negligent.

In this case, delayed-diagnosis could be a potential claim if the patient would have been harmed through your diagnosis process.

EXAMPLE: Patients with a treatable form of cancer visits a doctor who fails to properly diagnose cancer for several months. Once properly diagnosed by a different doctor, it has spread, and it is no longer treatable. Even if the original doctor did not directly cause the patient’s death there may be cause for a claim. Since the doctor potentially delayed treatment, contributing to the patient’s death as a proper cancer diagnosis would likely have prevented the death.

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