Patient Satisfaction and OB-GYN Hospitalists

Good news on patient satisfaction with OB-GYN Hospitalists care with Labor & Delivery.

As OB-GYN hospitalists programs continue expanding to hospitals across the country, progress is being made in improving the patient experience using the laborist model. A recent study published by Press-Ganey indicates the laborist model may be working well for OB’s and their patients. Surveying more than 4,000 patients over a two year time period (54% response rate), the survey results showed 75% of patients reported an excellent experience during labor & delivery. Another 18% reponded the delivery experience was very good. While clearly only a small sampling, this patient satisfaction data may show laborists are successfully establishing repoir with their patients even within the limited time frame of the inpatient experience.

Studies indicate patients satisfied with their medical experience tend to be less likely to to sue over a poor medical outcome. Physicians who successfully communicate with their patients are able to convey a genuine sense professional expertise combined with some degree of caring and ultimately this can establish the framework for a positive patient experience. Another study published in the Journal of of the American Medical Association found that physicians who had never had a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against them encouraged patients to talk and interact and asked patients their opinion – therby engaging patients as human beings.

More studies are needed to determine if the initial positive patient satisfaction numbers will ultimately lead to improved patient safety outcomes. In the world of medical malpractice insurance, this is often quantified by the number of medical malpractice claims filed aginst OB-GYNs. More on this as studies continue to show the correlation between OB-GYN hospitalist programs and their effect on medical malpractice insurance rates.

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