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Patient Follow-Up
NORCAL policyholders, are you looking for an interesting CME dealing with Patient follow-ups and how this affects your practice? You’re in luck, next month the topic is “Patient Follow-ups and the EHR: Risk Managemnt and Patient Safety Considerations” Educational Webinar.
Many practices use EHR systems for patient follow-up tracking and mangement. Unfortunately, integrating follow-ups into EHRs won’t guarantee the follow-up transpires. Further, inadequate or poorly used follow-up systems can support negligence allegations and shed a negative light on defendants during malpractice litigation. This webinar will identify common deficiencies related to follow-up in the EHR that can endanger patient care and leave medical practices vulnerable to claims.
The presentation offers risk management techniques to improve follow-up systems and reduce medical professional liability exposure.
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
4 pm Pacific / 6 pm Central / 7 pm Eastern
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Learning Objectives
This educational webinar will support your ability to:
  • Identify gaps in how your practice communicates and follows up with patients and other healthcare professionalsPatient Follow-up
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your practice’s process for test result handling
  • Apply risk management strategies for “closing the loop” in follow-up activities
  • Document follow-up care effectively

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