CASE STUDY: Failure to Diagnose

It's no surprise that the delay or failure to diagnose is the number one reason patients sue doctors. According to claims, the most frequently missed diseases, are heart attacks for adults, meningitis for children, and cancer. Let's examine a case study in which the failure to diagnose lead to a … [Read more...]

Marijuana: Medical vs. Recreational

  Although Medical Marijuana is recognized in both a clinical and alternative medicine respect, it has been the crux of political and social discourse. In recent years, the legalization of marijuana has spread across The United States like wildfire and it seems that it's only a matter of … [Read more...]

Rapid Molecular Pathogen Testing [Full Webinar Presentation]

Part 7 of our Webinar Series: "Rapid Molecular Pathogen Testing" features Shea Harrelson of NCF Diagnostics and DNA. Clinical Advantages of PCR: Noninvasive  Collection Technique Rapid & Accurate Diagnosis (24-48 hrs) Detection of Multiple Pathogens at Once Sensitivity … [Read more...]

Big Savings Due to New CA Workers Comp Changes

We always advocate for the importance of Workers' Compensation coverage if you have at least one employee. It's also important to note that not everyone stakeholder is considered an employee. As covered in our New CA Law Changes Inclusion of Officers for Workers’ Comp Coverage blog, 2016 was an … [Read more...]

Rapid Molecular Pathogen Testing | Register

Join us for the Seventh installment of our Webinar Series, "Rapid Molecular Pathogen Testing" featuring Shea Harrelson! We've got another 18-minute webinar full of important tips and guidelines for your practice! Registering is as easy as filling in the form below, see you … [Read more...]

Social Media: Marketing & Malpractice [Full Webinar Presentation]

Part 6 of our Webinar Series: "Social Media: Marketing & Malpractice" features our very own Samuel J. Ashe II, MBA. Not only did we discuss the importance of a Social Media presence but some of the mistakes. Key Tips: Write a Great Bio Make Sure Customers Feel H.E.A.R.D. Build … [Read more...]

Nose vs. Tail | What’s the Diff?

  Now we're taking some time to clarify the difference between Nose & Tail coverage. Malpractice policies are written on either an Occurrence or Claims-Made basis. When working with the latter, physicians have exposure to future claims from incidents that have already taken place … [Read more...]

Indications vs. Quotes | What’s the Diff?

In the event you've ever inquired about pricing, you probably heard either of these two terms, indication or quote. We're here with the next "What's the Diff" to clarify the nuances of these two terms. Indication A non-binding rate, by an underwriter of the anticipated premium, that would be … [Read more...]

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What brought you to work at Presidio?  I am currently a senior in college pursuing a business degree and wanted to get some hands-on experience through an internship. I had always been interested in working with insurance, so Presidio was a perfect fit. What’s the most fun thing about your … [Read more...]

Social Media: Marketing & Malpractice | Register

Join us for the Sixth installment of our Webinar Series, "Social Media: Marketing & Malpractice" featuring our very own Digital Marketing Manager Samuel Ashe! We're examining your Social Media Marketing strategy's impact on malpractice. Plus, we'll cover the common mistakes practices need to … [Read more...]