Obama’s Transition Team Invites Public Comment on Healthcare Reform

President-Elect Obama’s transition team put out a broad emailing, inviting people to hold meetings within their community, to talk about their problems and concerns, and to brainstorm solutions to their current situations and circumstances. This unprecedented action is being spearheaded by Senator Tom Daschle, who has been designated as the Secretary of Healthcare Reform for the incoming Obama administration.

In an email from John D. Podesta, Co-Chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Project, the team promised that they would provide volunteer leaders of these discussions with “everything you need to make your conversation as productive as possible, including a Moderator’s Guide with helpful tips.” Then those leaders are to return the thoughts, suggestions and other results of the meeting to Senator Daschle and his team.

Mr. Podesta notes that “no transition has tried something like this before,” and encourages the public to become involved, saying “your participation is essential to our success.”

What’s clear is that the Obama team is looking at rebuilding the healthcare system from the ground up. What’s less clear is what effects those findings may have. While it seems wise to gather thoughts from around the country, rather than limiting such an undertaking to those present in a cabinet meeting, this is all uncharted ground. The President-Elect’s team may find that the problems and woes of the healthcare system are the result of real issues that have become a very high mountain to climb.

In the first 100 days, most Presidents demonstrate their largest goals and priorities. If this is any indication of Barak Obama’s intent, the healthcare system may very well receive the revamping most everyone who works within it has been hoping for.

As health care professionals, your thoughts, opinions and suggestions will be especially pertinent and helpful. One link to share your thoughts and suggestions is found at http://change.gov/page/s/healthcare

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