Medical Protective Pediatrics Affinity Program

Working in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Medical Protective (MedPro) will soon be offering a new member-benefit affinity program, the “AAP Members Liability Insurance Program.” The program is being made available to new customers as well as renewing policies, starting on the 1st of April, 2009.

This Affinity program provides AAP Members with exclusive discounts and extraordinary medical malpractice insurance coverage.  What’s more, your practice can benefit from receiving coverage from the nation’s highest rated medical malpractice insurance carrier.

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AAP members are being offered the Liability Insurance Program, which is aimed at educating and assisting them in evaluating medical malpractice insurance. The intent is to provide them with the same extensive coverage options available to the majority of members, at a competitive price.

To promote ongoing risk management education, AAP is providing accepted members a free copy of the “Medical Liability for Pediatricians, 6th Edition,” written by the AAP Committee on Medical Liability and Risk Management. In the manual, physicians will find the latest practice-oriented steps to take in order to identify and reduce legal risks which may be incurred while providing patient care.

Other key features of the MedPro malpractice program include:

  • A 2% AAP Member Discount on medical malpractice insurance
  • Competitive Rates with Credits
  • New to Practice Credits
  • Part-time Practice Credits
  • Claim-free Credits
  • Group Practice Discount
  • Risk Management Education and Discount
  • Best Defense and Claims Handling
  • Real “Consent-to-Settle”
  • Free Tail Coverage at Any Age with Just 1 Year of Coverage at a Mature Rate
  • Occurrence and Claims-made Coverage Options

We here at Presidio Insurance Solutions are pleased to see this comprehensive new offering, and invite you to contact us to evaluate your Pedeatrics practice’s needs and see if this program has advantages for you.

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