Who Can Practice Naturopathic Medicine?


 Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine, also known as Naturopathy, is a form of alternative medicine based on the philosophy that treatment and prevention of diseases can be carried out without drugs. Instead, diet, exercise, and massage are techniques used. Naturopathic Medicine employs a wide array of pseudoscientific practices often refered to as natural, non-invasive in nature and proclaiming self-healing.

Naturopathic Doctors combine traditional healing methods with holistic, proactive preventative and comprehensive diagnostic treatment. The theory is it will minimize the risks of harm.

Currently, naturopathic physicians have operating licensing boards in only 19 states. Some states do not currently have educational or professional standards in place to insure adequate training.

Approach & Scope of Specialty

Naturopathic and Holistic Medicine are often mentioned in the same breath. The commonplace is approach. If treatment considers the whole body in an approach to health, for instance, focused on mind and spirit, then the approach is Holistic. However, some state medical boards do not recognize Naturopathic Medicine.

Coverage: What We Need to Know

The most common question we have for Naturopaths and/or any professional with holistic leanings, “What services do you offer?” Deciphering risk exposure will be one of the deciding factor for elligibility for admitted or non-admitted market and is related to your pricing.

Is Naturopathy your only specialty or is this secondary to another specialty. The scope of your practice will be a deciding factor whether or not your current policy will still cover these practices and procedures.

Additionally, we will need your project revenue and anticipated number of visits.

RESOURCE: For a complete list of Naturopathic Medicine licensure and regulations by state click here.

If you are considering adding Naturopahtic, Integrative, and or Holistic approaches to your current practice, please give us a call directly at 1-800-317-6411 or email us at info@presidioinsurance.com.

Are You a Naturopathic Doctor or Exploring a Holistic Approach to Medicine? Let’s Discuss Coverage Options!

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