Medicare 101: How Does it Work? [Full Webinar Presentation]

Medicare 101

For our second installment, Gisela Smith & Belinda Lang gave us a brief, but in-depth look at Medicare and how it works for those approaching retirement.

Top 10 Medicare Takeaways:

  • Tax Rate
  • When to Sign Up
  • Premium Costs
  • Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  • Supplemental Coverage
  • Free Physicals
  • Free Preventative Care
  • How to Pick a Part D plan
  • What is Not Covered
  • Funding Deficit

Yes, we covered a lot in the webinar but that only scratches the surface of everything Medicare!

Did you miss the event or just want to check it out again?

Watch part two of our webinar series: “Medicare 101: How Does it Work?” right here!

Medicare 101

For more information on Medicare please contact Belinda directly via

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