Medical Procedure Informed Consent is a Process Not a Form

Informed Consent is a Process Not a Form

Often informed consent is viewed as another form to be signed by the patient that protects the physician or facility in the event of litigation. In truth it is the process of obtaining informed consent – and documenting the process – that offers protection.  More importantly though, the informed consent discussion prevents litigation by providing a forum for communication.  A few tips to keep in mind when having an informed consent discussion:  Explain things clearly and simply.  NEVER make a statement guaranteeing success or a specific outcome.  Ask the patient what he/she expects from the procedure – this presents an opportunity to clarify unrealistic expectations.  Always have another staff member present during the informed consent discussion.  Whenever possible have the discussion in an office setting prior to the date of procedure.For More Information on Preventing Claims read Physician Protect Thyself:7 Simple Ways NOT to Get Sued for Medical Malpractice available online at

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