Independent Agents Cut Cost of Medical Malpractice Insurance

Some insurance agents are just that — agents for a particular company. An independent broker can write a policy for any carrier, and that can mean big savings for the practice, facility or doctor when purchasing medical malpractice insurance. The independent broker is a licensed, experienced professional. His services are very valuable, but the client doesn’t pay one cent for them. (The commission is paid by the carrier.) So the broker is free to write the policy that best suits the needs and budget of the doctor or other healthcare provider, and that can save you a lot of money.

The savings don’t stop there, though. An agent is restricted to what coverages his company offers; he’s biased towards trying to sell you what they have available. An independent broker can choose from the myriad choices to make sure that you’re fully protected in all aspects. This can keep you from rather unpleasant surprises like finding out that a particular type of procedure was excluded, for example.

The broker’s experience can make a big difference all the way around. You’re a healthcare provider, a doctor, nurse, or medical facility. It’s the broker’s job to know about insurance, and with an experienced independent broker, you can relax, knowing that your broker will be there for you, thinking about all the details and uncharted hazards your practice might encounter in case of litigation. What’s more, they’ll be able to provide you with preventative tips, so your practice can be proactive in reducing risks.

There are many good reasons to choose an independent broker over a medical malpractice insurance company’s agent. Presidio is an independent broker. Presidio cares about your financial well being, your reputation, and your future, and will go to great lengths to make sure you get the coverage that fits your needs. Give a call, get a free checkup!

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