Identifying Service Problems in a Medical Office Can Reduce Medical Malpractice Claims

One study found that physicians who rated in the bottom third of patient satisfaction surveys had a 110% increased risk of being involved in a patient complaint (whether this means a filing of a medical board complaint or simply a nasty letter was unclear in the study). Satisfied patients are simply less likely to sue or even complain about their health-care providers than those that are dissatisfied.

Patient satisfaction surveys are a great tool to identify a host of problems within medical practices. Not the least of which are miscommunication or patient dissatisfaction. Not sure what to ask patients? Here is a simple list most medical offices can use to develop a patient satisfaction questionnaire.

1. Length of time you waited to get an appointment?

2. Courtesy and sensitivity of the person on the phone?

3. Respect and friendliness of the person at the front desk?

4. Length of time you waited in the reception area?

5. Courtesy and friendliness of the person who took you to a

6. Length of time the health care provider spent with you?

(Circle one: Physician – Physician Assistant – Nurse Practitioner)

7. Was there enough time to have all your questions

8. Were the dosages, side effects and reasons for medications
and/or treatments explained to you?

9. Please rate your understanding of:

a. Your main problem?

b. The importance of what you need to do?

c. How and who to contact if you have questions?

10. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your visit


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