How to Minimize Your Medical Malpractice Risk

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With inflation, it’s worth several pounds of cure. This article addresses simple steps that you can take, make a matter of policy, to protect yourself against unwarranted allegations of malpractice.

In real estate, it’s Location, Location, Location. Within the Medical profession, it’s Document, Document, Document. Write down everything, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time. Does the patient seem a bit better, more up? Even that should be documented, as it may later be foundational to why you chose to deal with that patient a certain way.
If you’re a physician, consult with another physician or specialist, and document that conversation so you can prove you checked yourself. If you break from standard procedures, make thorough documentation to justify that choice and, again, be sure to include consults that concurred with that choice.

If you’re a Nursing professional, note any cross-checks you did about interactions, methods of administration, etc., and if you have ANY question or concern, confirm the order of the physician and document that you did so.

Finally, if you do catch yourself in a mistake, document that immediately as well, and all the steps you took to mitigate damage. Nursing staff should contact the patient’s physician to advise of the error, and document that you did, as well as his response.

Document, Document, Document. Make it habit and standard practice, and
you’ll close off a lot of potential risks.

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