Hospitalist Insurance Group attends SOGH Clinical Conference

Presidio Insurance teamed up with Medical Protective, one on the nation’s leading medical malpractice Insurance carriers for hospitalists to sponsor a workshop at the Society for Hospital Medicine’s clinical conference in Denver, Co. The session revolved around the review of a previous malpractice claim and featured malpractice attorneys and claims specialists. The video will be available for download on our site in the coming weeks. OB-GYN Hospitalists can learn how to better manage risk in the hospital setting.

 As more and more hospitals employ the laborist model, it is important for OB-GYN’s, hospital administrators, and staffing agencies to learn the skills needed to manage their liability exposure. This means paying attention to risk management from the hospitalist perspective and understanding the risks and exposures they face. Undoubtedly some of these risks will differ in size and scope from what you face in private practice.

 About us

Hospitalist Insurance Group can help you manage the liability risk you face in the hospital setting.  As the hospitalist field evolves it is important for physicians to have a team on their side who understand the issues you and your practice face on a day to day basis. We want you to concentrate on delivering quality medical care, while we deliver you information to better manage risk, together we can help women deliver healthy, happy babies.


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